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Embrace Sustainable Living: Fun Steps to Make a Big Impact 🌍✨

Embrace Sustainable Living: Embrace Sustainable Living: Fun Steps to Make a Big Impact 🌍✨ Fun Steps to Make a Big Impact 🌍✨ Use Native Plants in Your Garden  Native plants are like local celebrities in the plant world. 🌼 They’re well-adapted to your region’s climate, require less water, and provide vital habitats for local wildlife.  […]

How to Care for Rhododendrons

Tackling Rhododendron Care If you’re looking for a large robust plant with gorgeous blooms, you’re looking for Rhododendrons.  They are hardy plants that require little care to thrive, but you do want to keep these tips in mind when planting them.  Renowned for their vibrant blooms and lush foliage, are a favorite among garden enthusiasts. While their beauty is […]

Pruning in the Spring

Pruning in the Spring A quick guide to keeping your plants healthy and at bay Pruning in spring is a crucial horticultural practice that helps promote healthy growth, control size, and enhance the overall appearance of plants. While the specific timing and methods may vary depending on the type of plant, general guidelines can be […]

Seed Starting Guide

Seed Starting 101  A Guide to Success Indoors and Outdoors Embarking on the journey of growing your own plants from seeds is not only rewarding but also a cost-effective way to fill your garden with vibrant blooms and delicious vegetables. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, understanding the nuances of seed starting, both […]

Planting Dates for Spring

Seed Starting Dates Embrace the promise of fresh beginnings by planting seeds As the new year unfolds, avid gardeners eagerly embrace the promise of fresh beginnings by planting seeds. The process of sowing seeds at the start of the year symbolizes hope and growth, as tiny embryos hold the potential to transform into vibrant, flourishing […]

Landscape Recommendations

MOSCARILLO’s 2022 Landscape Picks With all this beautiful weather, we checked in with our nursery and talked to our horticulture specialists about some of their favorite picks for this season for landscape plants – Including what people are talking/asking about, what’s popular, what’s selling – Here are their tree & shrub highlights for the 2022 […]

Herbs & Vegetables at Moscarillo’s

Common Herbs & Veggies at Moscarillo’s Below is a list of common vegetables & herbs we carry in stock here at Moscarillo’s, and have had in stock this past week – We carry popular brands like Gilbertie’s, My Garden, Farmer Phil’s, & Wilders. If there is something specific you are looking for, always make sure […]

Want Privacy? Consider Arborvitae!

Need Privacy? Consider, Arborvitae! Arborvitae are trees or shrubs (depending on type) that usually form in a pyramid shape with thick outer bark, fibrous inner bark, with horizontal branches and flattened spray like branch systems.  There are many types of arborvitaes, but ones we carry and love here at Moscarillo’s include the Emerald Green Arborvitae, […]

Starting your Vegetable Garden

Starting your Own Vegetable Garden Benefits of Planting & Picking your own vegetables: Improving your health – It helps you eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.  You are also completely in control of type of soil you use, type of fertilizer, avoiding unwanted pesticides in your food, and when to pick your own food.  Save […]

Roses at Moscarillo’s

Roses at Moscarillo’s Our West Hartford location received a shipment of beautiful roses, ready to be brought home and planted.  The below is a list of the stock we received, but if you are specifically interested in one of these roses, make sure to call ahead to double check they are still in stock, as they […]