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Is something bugging your plants?

Got a pest problem? Need help figuring out what to do to get rid of unwanted visitors in your plants?  That’s where our greenhouse comes in!

Fill out the below form regarding your issue, include details of type of damage to plants, or whether there are any pests you can visibly see with description of what they look like, and our greenhouse staff will reach back out to you with ways to help.  Please note during our busy seasons it may take some time for our staff to get back to you, in the mean time, review our common plant pest issues below to see if you can find your plant issue. 

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Below are some common pest problems seen on plants – take a look to see if yours is among them and what can be done to help:

Aphids – small, soft-bodied insects that are among the most destructive insect pests on cultivated plants, especially in temperate regions.  They weaken the plant by sucking the sap off.  It’s hard to identify them as they are small, under 1/4 inch, and often nearly invisible to the eye!  Damage will look like curling, stunted, or yellow leaves, and you’ll find them typically on the underside of the leaf.  Control & Prevention – Typically start with spraying a strong stream of water to get them off the leaves, but if you’re looking for an organic method to remove them, try Neem Family products such as Neem OilBon-Neem, or EndALL

Thrips – tiny insects that cause plant damage, but worse, can pass on viruses to plants.  You’ll know thrips as they are slender and tiny, range from yellow to brown/black, and will leap or fly away at getting close to them.  Damage will look like silver streaks and small white pages, which is a result of the Thrip sucking plant cells from the plant.  Prevention & Control – to start, try shaking branches and catching them with yellow sticky traps.  If that doesn’t work, consider natural products such as All Season Horticulture Spray Oil

Spider Mites are actually not considered insects, but arachnids that are closely related to spiders and ticks. They are so so small – and you’ll recognize them by the fine silky web spun on plants.  Damage – Spider Mites suck the plant juice from leaves, causing the leaves to turn yellow and dry, and covered in pale spots.  Prevention & Control – To get rid of these nasty bugs, you’ll want to start with Neem Family Products such as Neem OilBon-Neem, and EndALL, or All Season Horticultural Spray Oil

Gnats are small, but long-legged insects that become a big nuisance.  Best control is prevention – don’t overwater, no fruit exposed to open air.  Gnats like to swarm to light fixtures.  Damage – You don’t need to worry about damage to the plant with fungus gnats, they don’t damage plants or bite humans – larvae however can cause damage to roots and can stunt plant growth.  Prevention & Control – Try Sticky Stakes, Mosquito Bits, or well as Neem Family Products such as Neem OilBon-Neem, and EndALL to get rid of gnats. 

Mealy Bugs have many different species found in North America, but generally are small and oval, sap-sucking insects 1/10 inch in size – they secrete a white powdery substance that almost looks like cotton.  Damage –  They will cause leaves to yellow and drop from the plant, as they suck the juice from the plants, especially from new growth.  Prevention & Control – You can try dislodging them with a steady stream of water for light infestations, but you may need to use All Season Horticultural Oil, or Neem Family Products such as Neem OilBon-Neem, or EndALL.