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Choosing a company to make your dream landscape a reality doesn’t have to be a tough one. We have been in the industry for over 25 years and in that time we have earned a valuable reputation for quality products and services. Our talented designers and crew members know how to make your landscape project become a reality. Currently we offer the landscape design and installation services at our West Hartford location and serve clients properties in the surrounding areas including: Avon, Hartford, Bloomfield, Farmington, Simsbury, Canton.

So how do you get started? Here at Moscarillo’s we offer a three level design service to fit everyone’s needs.  Whether you are looking for a hands off no work approach, letting our expert design team and installers handle all the details – Or whether you just need some advice from our nursery professionals to get you started.  Take a look below at our detailed service levels, and shoot us a message with your questions and when you’d like to schedule your consult.

Cost:  Starting at $395 – Time to let the professionals take over. Let one of our talented Landscape Designers create a landscape plan from the ground up. We will schedule an at home consultation where you will discuss your objectives, scope of the project, and budget. Landscape Design fees begin at $395 which will include a detailed landscape plan, a plant and materials list, as well as a labor quote for our installation services. A deposit of $200 is required to initiate this service. Major plan changes after consult will incur additional design charges. Pricing for master plans is done on a per client basis.

Cost: $125 – Great for small landscape projects or busy DIY-ers. For those who possibly want to install it themselves but would rather our staff handle the nitty-gritty of site measurements and rough sketches. We will provide a priced plant and materials list. We will invite you back to the nursery to discuss the plan and options. From there we can also provide a cost for our installation or delivery services.

Cost: None – Appointment recommended.  Perfect for the DIY-er.
Follow our “Preparing For Your Walk” packet and come in for dedicated time with our Nursery Professionals who can tailor plant picks to your site and goals. Sketch out your yard on our provided graph template and we will fill in plant suggestions onto your sketch so you can be ready to go! If requested, we can also provide a cost for our installation or delivery services.  Download our “Preparing for your Nursery Walk” packet here!

Additional Services -

Complete Garden Maintenance: 

Routine visits by our knowledgeable staff is the best way to ensure that your garden beds look fantastic all season long. As the year progresses, landscape designs and gardens require attention and maintenance. Trees and shrubs need pruning; perennials need dividing; garden beds need edging, fertilizing, pest management and mulching. Organic practices promote vigorous and healthy plants. Meticulous monitoring takes care of issues before they become a problem.

On-Call Fine Gardening:

Just bought a house and can’t tell a weed from a perennial? Or has life just gotten in the way of you being able to maintain the garden? We know life can get in the way sometimes and clients are looking for someone else to pull the weeds, redefine the beds, and trim the bushes.  Moscarillo’s offers this on-call service for those who just need an extra hand – We’re willing to help!  Fill out our below form with any questions and we will be happy to quote.

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