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January is.. Houseplant Month 2024

We’re celebrating all things houseplant this month, as we embrace our leafy comrades during the cold months of the year. Join us for a month of sales, giveaways, workshops, and informational posts about some of our favorite houseplant categories.

Check out our schedule below on what we’re celebrating when.

WEEK 1:  1/1/2024 – 1/6/2024 →  EASY TO CARE FOR PLANTS  

WEEK 2:  1/7/2024 – 1/13/2024 →  ADVANCED CARE PLANTS  ‼️

  • All week 20% off Calathea Plants All week
  • Free Orchid Repotting
  • January 13th – Plant Expert Sessions in our greenhouse! Schedule or drop by with your difficult plants for some care tips & any questions you might have.
  • Find on our social media: Articles on: (1) Plants that make us cry (hard to care for), Learn more about our plant subscriptions, (3) Calathea care tips, and why they are so hard to care for (4) Identifying and curing your plant ailments (overwatering, underwatering, yellow leaves, etc.), (5) Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

WEEK 3:  1/14/2024 – 1/20/2024 →  PET FRIENDLY PLANTS 🐾

  • All week 25% off a plant if you purchase a plant + pet supplies
  • All week – Gift card raffle! – Submit a picture of your pet with your favorite plant, or for a 3x chance to win, stop by in store and take a picture of your pet in our greenhouse – winner gets a $100 gift card!
  • January 15th  – Unleash your artistic paw-sibilities! Enroll in our Animal-Themed Pottery Painting Station for a creative experience (sign up here).  
  • Find on our social media:  Articles on: (1) Our plants that are most pet friendly (2) Local shelters we’re fond of, and the ones you’ve adopted from! (3) Info regarding the differences between toxicities in pets, mild vs. toxic, ingestion, irritation, and how it applies to some of the plants we carry

WEEK 4:  1/21/2024 – 1/28/2024 →  RARE & EXOTIC PLANTS 💎

  • All week IN-STORE RARE PLANT GIVEAWAY (Thai Constellation!)
  • Jan 26th  – Jan 28th: 20% off all houseplants (plant arrangements excluded)
  • Find on our social media:  Articles on (1) Introduction to our Rare & Exotic plants (2) What makes a rare houseplant rare, is their care different, how often we carry them (3) videos of our coolest & most exotic houseplants

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