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Transitioning Plants Indoors

Keep the stress level of your plants low by properly transitioning them from the outdoors into the indoors

  • Time to move plants back indoors – Important to remember to use a pesticide such as Bon-Neem to make sure no hitchhikers are coming indoors from houseplants time outside – Spray and trim them back.  Keep the plants you bring indoors separated from other houseplants for a couple of weeks
  • Light levels – Different plants require different light levels, so make sure your plants are going into the correct light levels based on what they need 
  • Indoor Watering – Make sure they are getting the water they need, and allow for the possibility that plants will potentially need less water as they have less growth during the winter
  • There is a potential of leaf loss, and that’s okay! – Don’t be worried, plants are just adjusting to not having as much energy from the sun as they did during the summer – it is recommended that you spray and trim them back for the winter
  • Increase humidity levels for plants, if possible – Humidifiers are great for the air we breathe, as well as our plants – you don’t want to create any extreme changes in temperatures for your plants as it can stress them out (not near radiators or places where a draft/chill can come through)
  • Consider repoting overgrown plants – Summer makes plants grow stronger  faster, so they might need a new home after being brought indoors

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