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Roses at Moscarillo’s

Our West Hartford location received a shipment of beautiful roses, ready to be brought home and planted.  The below is a list of the stock we received, but if you are specifically interested in one of these roses, make sure to call ahead to double check they are still in stock, as they go fast!

Reminder, these roses are still blooming! Their season has just begun, so you’ll see the below roses blooming on the bushes soon! Below is sample pictures of a few of the brands and styles the West Hartford store carries, and a full comprehensive list below by name. 

Pink Double Knock Out

Proven Winners – At Last

Sunblaze –  Sweet Sunblaze

David Austin – Emily Bronte

Knock out 

Pink Double Knock Out


Sunblaze – Sweet Sunblaze Meitonje

Sunblaze – Red Sunblaze Miniature Rose

Sunblaze – Salmon Sunblaze

David Austin 

David Austin – Desdemona Shrub Rose

David Austin – Emily Bronte Shrub Rose

David Austin – Teasing Georgia Medium Climber Rose

David Austin – Crown Princess Margareta Medium Climber Rose

David Austin – The Albrighton Rambler – Short Rambler Rose

Proven Winners

Proven Winners – Shrub Arbusto – At last – Landscape Rose

Nature’s Classic

Nature’s Classic – Red Sunblaze Miniature Rose

Nature’s Classic – Cathedral Bells Shrub Rose

Nature’s Classic – Maurice Utrillo Shrub Rose

Nature’s Classic – Pretty Polly Lavender Shrub Rose

Nature’s Classic – The Fairy Shrub Rose

Nature’s Classic – Pink Pavement Rugosa Rose

Nature’s Classic – Stiletto Hybrid Tea Rose

Nature’s Classic – Royal Gold Climbing Rose

Nature’s Classic – Rosa Rugosa

Nature’s Classic – Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose

Nature’s Classic – America Climbing Rose

Nature’s Classic – Big Momma Hybrid Tea Rose

Nature’s Classic – Blaze Climbing Rose

Our Nursery and Greenhouse receive shipment weekly, so check back with us if you’re looking for more!