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Common Herbs & Veggies at Moscarillo’s

Below is a list of common vegetables & herbs we carry in stock here at Moscarillo’s, and have had in stock this past week – We carry popular brands like Gilbertie’s, My Garden, Farmer Phil’s, & Wilders. If there is something specific you are looking for, always make sure to call the store ahead to make sure we still have it in. 

My Garden

My Garden Chickpeas

My Garden Pickling Cucumber

My Garden Sweet Potato

My Garden Russet Potato

My Garden Blue Potato

My Garden Yukon Gold Potato

My Garden Pepperoncini – Hot Pepper

My Garden Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper

My Garden – Rhubarb

My Garden – Green Globe Artichoke

My Garden Lettuce

My Garden Romanesco Broccoli


Sara’s Superb Herbs – Italian Parsley


Farmer Phil’s

Farmer Phil’s Gold N Green Beans

Farmer Phil’s Burpless Cucumber

Farmer Phil’s Black Beauty Heirloom Eggplant

Farmer Phil’s Magician Pumpkin

Farmer Phil’s Zucchini Elite Squash

Farmer Phil’s Poblano Pepper

Farmer Phil’s California Wonder Pepper

Farmer Phil’s Red Beauty Pepper 

Farmer Phil’s Scallion Onion

Farmer Phil’s Strawberry



Wilder Cantaloupe “Sugar Cube”

Wilder Squash Summer Multipik

Wilder Sweet Pepper Banana

Wilder Frying Pepper – Jimmy Nardello

Wilder – Hot Ghost Pepper Bhut Jolokia Red

Wilder – Sweet Pepper “Lunchbox Mix”

Wilder – Parsley

Wilder – Rosemary

Wilder – Sage

Wilder – Onion – Red Baron

Wilder – Swiss Chard Bright Lights

Wilder – Kale “Nero Di Toscana”

Wilder – Celery Tango

Wilder – Broccoli Green Magic

Wilder – Beet – Red Ace



Gilbertie’s – Cucumber Salad Bush

Gilbertie’s Eggplant “Orient Express”

Gilbertie’s Leek

Gilbertie’s Patty Pan Squash

Gilbertie’s Zucchini Elite

Gilbertie’s Old World Italian Zucchini “Bianco Di Sicilia”

Gilbertie’s – Tomato “Beefmaster”

Gilbertie’s – Tomato “Blush”

Gilbertie’s – Tomato Celebrity Bush

Gilbertie’s – Old World Italian Tomato “Consuluto Fiorentino” 

Gilbertie’s – Heirloom Tomato “Mortgage Litfter”

Gilbertie’s – Heirloom Tomato – Yellow-Brandywine

Gilbertie’s – Tomato Valentine

Gilbertie’s – Cherry Tomato ‘Sun Gold’

Gilbertie’s – Tomato “Big Boy”

Gilbertie’s – Ghost Pepper “Bhut Jolokia Red”

Gilbertie’s – Sweet Pepper Red Knight XR3 Hybrid

Gilbertie’s – Sweet Pepper “Lunchbox Snack”

Gilbertie’s – Old World Italian Pepper ‘Peperoncini’

Gilbertie’s – Pepper – “Mad Hatter”

Gilbertie’s – Tarragon

Gilbertie’s – Rosemary

Gilbertie’s – Oregano 

Gilbertie’s – Parsley

Gilbertie’s – Lavender

Gilbertie’s – Scented Geranium

Gilbertie’s – Chamomile

Gilbertie’s – Green Romaine Lettuce

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