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To Mulch or not to Mulch, that is the question (psst.. the answer is yes!) Read up below about the benefits of mulching, what is mulch, and how and when best to apply it. 

Mulch can come in a variety of materials, but it is an application spread or laid over the surface and around plants to function as a covering.  Common types of organic Mulch include – bark (either chipped or shredded), pine needles, straw, or even shredded leaves.  If you use organic mulch, you will want to replace it every year so you can continue to receive the nutrient benefits it provides.

Why Mulch?:

  1. It helps maintain proper soil moisture (acts as an insulating barrier)
  2. Reduces weed growth
  3. Keeps soil temperature cool
  4. Prevents frost heaving

Once you begin mulching, you’ll want to do it from year to year to help keep your plants strong and healthy, as well as maintaining the beautiful polished look of your landscape. 

Mulching Tips:

  • How to Apply it – Before you start, remove any existing mulch.  You want to use about 2-3 inches of mulch around your beds, and make sure to evenly spread it around your plants with a rake, right up to the base of your plants.  Don’t forget to mulch trees as well.  Be careful not to mound mulch around trees (cone shaped mulch high up the tree trunk), as it can lead to bark rot, disease, and insect problems – instead, spread it so it extends a couple of inches from the tree in a layer no more than 3-4 inches deep.  Remember – too much mulch can suffocate the plants root and kill it.
  • When to Apply it – It should be applied in the spring after the ground has thawed.  A second layer of mulch should be applied in the fall, as it will help insulate and protect your plants (about 2-4 inches in the winter)
  • What to Apply? – The type of mulch you apply to your landscape is entirely up to you and you preference, whether organic, non-organic, or hardscape mulch such as stones.  Moscarillo’s carries a variety of different mulches, including trusted brands like Coast of Maine organic mulch.  Coast of Maine Organic Enriching Mulch is an exceptionally rich, naturally dark, fine textured blend of self-composted barks.  It helps retain moisture and insulate the surface soil against temperature variations that can harm roots.  Because it is composted, it will not rob the soil of nitrogen and can be dug into the beds in the fall to improve the organic content of the soil.  

We carry hemlock bark, natural cedar, premium pine/hemlock, and more varieties that you can incorporate into your landscape.  Visit our stores to see our selection, or order bagged or bulk mulches online to be picked up or delivered right to your home.