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With the warmer weather coming in this week, we wanted to talk about how to refresh your landscape from its winter slumber.  There are a few things you should do to help strengthen your plants. 

Tidy Up – Yes, as tedious as this is – Make sure you pick up any dead leaves from fall, clean up fallen twigs, litter, or household items that have made their way into your flower beds and landscaping.

Mulch – This is especially important – Not only does it make your landscape look beautiful and refreshed, but it also helps to stifle weeds.  It helps conserve soil moisture.  You can also add a layer of compost to provide your plants nutrients.  Moscarillo’s offers bulk mulch delivery right to your home. 

Repairing your hardscapes – Now is a good time to switch out any old or broken hardscape elements imbedded into your landscape, including pavers, stone benches, and statues.  You should also be pressure washing anything that has accumulated dirt, algae, or moss during the winter months. 

Weeding – Make sure you are cutting back your weeds in your yard.  Doing this, and adding mulch, at the beginning of the season will help reduce weed growth. 

Trim Shrubs – Take a look at your shrubs and figure out on what you need to trim during this time of year.  Shrubs can get pretty messy, and not pruning may hinder new and healthy growth on plants.  If you are unsure of what to prune, or where to start, considering calling our experts to schedule a spring cleanup to include pruning. 

As always, please call our staff if you have any questions on any of these steps, and don’t tackle them all in one day! Space it out over the next few weeks while the weather warms up.  We also offer a full package spring cleanup service that you can request via our landscape form here.