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Orchid Care + Repotting Workshop

Discover the secrets to thriving orchids at our Orchid Care and Repotting Workshop! Perfect for enthusiasts of all levels, this hands-on class will teach you the essentials of orchid care, from watering techniques to optimal lighting conditions. Our instructor will guide you through the repotting process, ensuring your orchids continue to flourish and bloom beautifully.

You will have two ticket options (pots sold separately during class):  

(1)  Single stem orchid + workshop (blooming orchids do not need repotting, so we will instead dress and pot the orchid for you) 

(2) Workshop + repotting services (you can bring in your own orchid to repot! Make sure your orchid is not blooming, otherwise it is not time to repot) – if you have a blooming orchid you’d like to bring in, we can re-dress it for you).  

Join us for a fun, interactive experience where you’ll connect with fellow plant lovers and gain invaluable knowledge to enhance your orchid-growing journey. Sign up today and transform your orchid care routine! The workshop will be approximately 30 minutes. 

S H A R E  T H I S  P O S T: 



June 22nd, 2024

10:00 AM


Moscarillo’s of West Hartford

2600 Albany Avenue

West Hartford, CT 06117


$65/ticket or $15/ticket

Ticket does not include the cost of the pot (you can bring your own pot in, or we will have a selection of pots to choose from at different price ranges for you during the workshop)