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Pollinator Plants

why they are important and most common available pollinator plants

What are Pollinators? – Pollinator’s include bees, birds, butterflies, moths, flies, and other small animals that visit flowers and drink nectar (or feed) on pollen. They transport pollen grains as they move from flower to flower.  Pollinator’s pick up pollen from the first plant they feed on, and bring it to the second plant’s stigma, which begins the fertilization process of the plant. 

Why are pollinators important?  Pollinators are essential to our ecosystem.  They are responsible for making plants reproduce – between 75% – 95% of flowering plants need help with pollination, which is where our Pollinators come in.  Without this essential task, our food production is in jeopardy. 

Why does this all matter?  Pollinator populations are changing – and not in a positive way.  Many pollinator populations are on the decline, and one of the main reasons is because of lack of habitats.  Incorporating a pollinator garden into your landscape not only is a way to beautify your yard, but also to help combat this global issue. 

Popular Pollinators found in our Nursery

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