Jack’s Classic Tomato FeED


1.5 lbs With Calcium to help prevent blossom end rot.

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Tomato FeED 12-15-30

Description & Key Benefits

Tomato FeED 12-15-30 is formulated for vigorous plant growth from roots to green foliage, abundant flowering and fruit set for all tomato varieties and blooming vegetables. Tomato FeED contains a micronutrient package and Magnesium for improved feeding results under diverse soil and growing conditions. It also includes Calcium, an effective nutrient to help prevent blossom end rot.

For use on

All tomatoes & peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, squash and zucchini.


Here is the feeding program Jack’s recommends for growing tomatoes.

  • After transplanting the tomatoes, I want to get them off to a great start. In order to do that you need to provide plenty of phosphorus to the root system which has not yet spread out in the soil. I use the Jack’s Classic® Blossom Booster 10-30-20 at 1 tablespoon per gallon when I set the plants in place.
  • After the first week I come back and make my first application of Jack’s Classic® Tomato FeED 12-15-30. This is just what the plant needs to grow in mass with plenty of new leaves and thick stems that will be the factories to produce lots of energy that will give you a high fruit yield. This new fertilizer conations calcium and magnesium for hungry tomatoes. I repeat these feedings every 10 days to make certain there are no nutrient stresses to hold back production.
  • After the first month I switch my feeding program to a combination of 1 tablespoon of 12-15-30 and 1 tablespoon of 10-30-20 in 2 gallons. Stick with this combination until all your fruit is set and the first of the fruit is starting to turn red
  • From this point on I stick with the Blossom Booster 10-30-20. The high potassium will let the fruit finish nicely. Apply the fertilizers every 10 days or so right through the end of the crop.


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