Ficus – Fiddle Leaf Fig


Exposure: Bright Light.

Season: Year-round as a foliage houseplant.

Foliage: This ficus produces very large green leaves with prominent veins. The shape of the foliage inspires the common name fiddle leaf fig.

Habit: Fiddle leaf fig is a tree that can reach to 6-8 feet tall when grown as a houseplant.

Fertilization: No more than once a month with a general purpose houseplant food.

Origins: Ficus lyrata is a fig (or Ficus), native to tropical Cameroon in Africa and is in the fig/mulberry family, Moraceae. The natural environment is hot, humid, and it rains often but lightly, while the sun dries up moisture quickly.

How to grow fiddle leaf fig: This plant comes from tropical regions where the environment is bright but not sunny, with warm, humid air and ample rain.

Use an all-purpose potting mix that provides quick drainage. Water regularly, allowing the top inch of the soil to dry between waterings. Increase humidity around your fiddle leaf fig by grouping it with other potted plants and/or standing it on or near a tray of moist gravel. Avoid placing too close to sources of heat or cold

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