Bulk Garden Soil
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Bulk Garden Soil


Garden Soil is our all-purpose mixture designed for vegetable and flower gardens. Garden Soil consists of our high-quality organic Screened Compost and Topsoil, mixed together and screened through a 3/8” screen. The organic Screened Compost contributes significantly to sustained soil fertility, superior soil structure and porosity to improve moisture percolation, while the topsoil provides mineral content for a balanced environment. Garden Soil is ready to use on all types of outdoor plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, and vegetables. Price is per cubic yard. One yard covers approx. 108sqft at a 2″ depth.

  • Rich in organic matter and nutrients
  • Improves the vegetation and appearance of gardens
  • Rakes out easily and evenly
  • Contains beneficial microorganisms


Coverage: 1 yard covers roughly 100sqft (10×10) at a depth of 3 inches.


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