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2020 Winter Event List
January 11th @1pm – Design your own European Garden Basket– Make your own mini garden with a mixture of common houseplants. These arrangements of easy-care flowering and green houseplants will bring life into your home for the cold winter days.
This event starts at $40.00, which includes 1 pot, 3 plants, mosses, soils and select decorations. Any additions are extra and just the difference/cost of material. Advance registration recommended.
January 18th @ 1pm – Terrarium Therapy – Make a mini outdoor landscape and daydream of a time when the outside is actually bearable. Let your creativity run free and decorate your own terrarium. Feel free to bring one from home or purchase one here.
This event starts at $40.00, which includes 3 plants, a figurine, moss, soils, and select decorations. Terrarium not included; additions are extra and just the cost of material. Advance registration recommended.
January 25th @ 1pm – Succulent Workshop – Back by popular demand. Our succulent workshop includes a brief lesson on succulent care followed by a workshop where you can plant your own arrangement of a variety of succulents.
$10.00 advance registration required, will be credited towards materials used. Advance registration recommended.
February 8th @ 1pm – Orchid Workshop – Pot up an orchid from home. Learn everything you need to know about orchid care at the same time. We all know orchids can be finicky and getting them to rebloom can truly test our patience. Get expert advice and leave with a happy orchid!
This event starts at $15.00 for soils and materials. Pot not included. Attendees will also receive a 15% any houseplant voucher. Advance registration recommended.
February 22nd @ 1pm – Think Spring Vase Arranging – Learn the basics of making a vase arrangement with spring flowers! Choose from a selection of spring flowers and get guidance from our expert designers.
This event starts at $50.00. This will include enough flowers to fill a traditional sized vase and the vase itself.
Advance registration recommended.
March 7th @1pm – Seed Starting – Think spring with this beginner level seed starting class! Start your own peppers and tomatoes and watch them as they grow before you can plant them in the spring! We will walk you through every step.
This event starts at $15.00 which includes seed tray with cover, soils, seeds, and a spray bottle.

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